254 + 1 Moon Flags landing on Solana. Our main goal and focus are the quality and exclusivity of our members. We aim to give our holders a better understanding of web 3. Moon Flag NFT will function as an exclusive pass for our members to join our DAO. With the Moon Flag NFT you will be able to attend to dev / trading / digital art classes, wl spots and alpha remunerations, experience and communicate in our own metaverse land etc…

This just started


Phase 0:

Marketing. Affiliation with launchpad and WL spots. OG discord rank.

Phase 1:

Mint and marketplace integration.

Phase 2:

Website and Roadmap integration.

Phase 3:

Each NFT holder will be the president of that country. DAO creation. Creation of different language alpha chat levels and each president can invite their team members or allies.

Moon flags aims to create the strongest community. Focusing on the quality and exclusivity of its members.

Alpha chat with royalties’ remuneration. Our community and team will be committed to gain WL for other NFT projects. (if a DAO member achieves it he/she will be remunerated) (also cryptocurrencies investments)

Phase 4:

Royalties will be invested in MOON FLAG development and other investments decided by DAO members (all this will be voted).

Profits will be distributed to holders after Moons DAO vote to sell.

Phase 5:

Metaverse land. We think that being able to communicate through web3 is essential, holders can build within their piece of land.

Phase 6:

DEV/Trading and digital art online classes. This is essential, we want to expand the knowledge of our holders in web 3.This will happen 1-2 times a week (voted by DAO members). After the curse is done, DAO members who passed will receive an NFT certificate as a verified developer/trader or artist.

If you want to attend the class, you will have to stake your nft. Anyone who wants to attend the class and doesn’t have a Moon Flag NFT we will charge x amount of sol for each class or the whole curse they attend. 70% of the funds will be airdropped to holders.

Phase 7:

Pirate flag will be auctioned. Whoever has this flag will be the president of the world. (this will have benefits, we will reveal when this phase is completed).

Phase 8:

P2P NFT online gaming partnership. We want to create a competition of allies between countries (78 teams, each team will have 3 members). There will be qualifying rounds, quarters, semifinal and final. Winner, second place and third place will have different prizes. All tournament players will receive merchandise. We will work to get sponsors, twitch and YouTube streamers.

Phase 9:

Continue developing, increase our dev team. We will decide and vote for future ideas and implementations. (we don’t want to reveal everything). 

Driven community project. All ideas will be voted. Each NFT counts as a vote.





community/creative director




255 Moon Flags.

– Discord Giveaways

– Twitter Giveaways

– Contributions to the community

Mint link will be posted in #announcement in our official Discord (Moon Flags DAO) + our Twitter (@FlagsMoon). Please, do not click any other links.

We are fully centered in creating the strongest community, that’s why we do not have a final date or price.

Buy Solana at your favourite exchanger, download Phantom, Sollet.io or Solflare wallet. Send your $sol to your wallet you just downloaded and you are ready to go !

Don’t worry you still can buy it at Magiceden.

Phantom, Sollet.io and Solflare

Send a message in our discord or email us at moonflagsolana@gmail.com



— Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon. He later said he meant to say «for a man.» «Beautiful, beautiful. Magnificent desolation.» — NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin as he followed Armstrong onto the moon’s surface